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Voyagers' Parents & Friends Speak Out

Authentic parent and friend testimonials highlight our school's identity and strength of community, and celebrate what makes our school special and successful for 20 years.

  • I am so glad my children go to the Voyagers’ Community School. My 9-year-old and 4-year-old love school more than ever. My 9-year-old is much happier since transferring to Voyagers’ and her confidence has grown. There’s something really special about Voyagers’ Community School, it is much more than just a school. It is a community. It is a family. It is a home away from home. I am so happy to see my girls learning and growing there. And that we are part of the Voyagers’ family.
    Jennifer K
  • I am an alumni of the school and I loved my time here. From 2nd grade through 12th it was an incredible ride. Prepared me exceptionally well to enter a private 4-year college with the highest academic scholarship they offer. Proud to be a Voyager 'Skipper'.
    Emily R
  • We couldn’t be happier with our experience as members of the Voyagers’ community. My daughter has been a student for 3 years now, this is our son’s first. Nowhere else would they be so involved in their own education. At Voyagers’ they are responsible, respected, and treated as valued members of the community. Between the multi-aged classes, the extensive outdoor time, and the student-directed learning my children have grown more than just academically.
    Al C
  • Voyagers’ Community School is not only a nurturing environment for creativity and individuality, it also allows students to be properly prepared for life’s future endeavors. As the Humanities teacher in the high school (9-12th grades) and also a part-time professor at local colleges, I can confidently say that Voyagers’ Community School prepares their high schoolers for the expectations of college.
    Tara T
  • Great day seeing the students projects, spending time with my son and better understanding the learning/teaching process in an informal environment. Great to meet some of the other fathers as well. The morning was well spent.
    Marc S
  • Great school! My son is learning not only the concepts but how to apply them in real life.
    Brian H
  • My daughter is in her first year at Voyagers. She loves it and it shows in her whole attitude toward learning. We are very pleased and recommend the school to anybody thinking of sending their children here.
    Colin P
  • Our two boys and their nieces from Japan had an amazing time at the Voyager Summer Camp last year. Every time we picked them up, they couldn’t wait to tell us what they did for that day. The staffs were all friendly and can’t wait to send them back to the summer camp again.
    Atsuko S
  • Voyagers Community School has been the best decision we have made for our son. After years of feeling trapped in a conventional classroom with the stress of standardized testing and spending the majority of the day indoors, Voyagers provides a learning environment where students learn by doing and have the opportunity to explore in nature.
    Tracy H

Voyagers' Skippers Speak Out

These testimonials, written by our students, speak of friendships, successes, challenges overcome, and passions discovered. They illustrate the impact of our school's approach, programs, faculty, and resources.

  • The Outdoor School is a great way to connect with nature and more. Learning about animals, plants and the weather is pretty fascinating when you think about it.
    Neilia, Grade 8
  • The Outdoor School is amazing and fun for me. It’s fun and cool.
    Shayna, Grade 6
  • I really love the beauty and the freedom that the outdoors brings to us. I love watching the wildlife. If it weren’t for the Arboretum and the Outdoor School I still wouldn’t like the outdoors.
    Hannah, Grade 8
  • To me, the Outdoor School is free, it’s nice to be able to see the woods and the outdoors. Being outside rather than using textbooks is a gift. It gives us more freedom to learn and the opportunity to explore and learn.
    Jalynne, Grade 7
  • The Outdoor School is pretty snazzy, and as much as I don’t like to walk, it’s pretty enjoyable being out there. I get to find lots of big bugs in the Arboretum.
    Rowan, Grade 7
  • The Outdoor School has given me something new. Some kids will never get this kind of education, in this kind of classroom.
    Cameron, Grade 8
  • I like the Outdoor School because of how it gives me time to explore the woods and do things that we can’t do inside the classroom.
    Eric B, Grade 8
  • We learn outside because we are feeling and seeing what we are learning. We are experiencing wildlife and just not seeing pictures of them. I think this is one of the best ways to learn.
    Rachael, Grade 6
  • The Outdoor School lets us go outside and explore nature. It’s so much more than being just in the classroom.
    Eric G, Grade 6
  • Everyone at Voyagers’ Community School works hard to help children learn, grow, develop, and explore. So it is always inspiring to hear from the students how they feel about us! “The Outdoor School is where we go outside to learn about nature and animals. We learn about the Earth so we know how to take care of it and we can all live together in the world.
    Nina, Grade 6