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Preschool – Infants

Through active, multi-sensory involvement, memories are rich and learning is meaningful.
Through an active, reciprocal exchange, teaching can strengthen learning and how to learn.


Voyagers’ Community School’s Early Childhood Programs, inspired by the Reggio Emilia and Montessori approaches, cater to kids aged six months to five years. We nurture learning through a supportive, exploratory environment.

Our environment is thoughtfully designed to nurture infants’ natural curiosity and support their development. The indoor spaces are equipped with sensory-rich materials, including musical instruments, building blocks, art supplies, and learning tools for literacy, math, and science. These resources foster exploration and creativity, helping infants develop foundational skills in a supportive and engaging setting.

Our outdoor spaces further enhance the learning experience by offering a variety of natural elements and play structures, such as a mud kitchen and climbing apparatus. These areas encourage physical activity, imaginative play, and a deep connection with nature. Infants have the freedom to explore and discover in a safe, nurturing environment that promotes their social, emotional, and cognitive development.


Our Infant Program

• A flexible and responsive environment designed to inspire infants to move freely and explore their world.

• Soft seating, plentiful floor pace, and structures for climbing, pulling up, walking, and developing gross motor skills.

• Multi-sensory materials to enhance tactile experiences and provide for repetition such as filling and dumping, grouping and regrouping, and stacking and knocking down objects.

• Fine motor materials, such as rattles, blocks, activity mats and percussion instruments, to enhance reaching, grasping, picking up and transferring objects.

• An extensive board and picture book library

• A crib for each baby. No cribs are shared.


Reggo Emila’s,”Insertimento”which translated means “settling in,” is the approach our teachers take as they introduce both parents and babies to our environment. The teachers learn as much as they can from parents about each infant’s personality, routines, and needs. To accomplish this

understanding , they allow time for parents and infants to separate and become become acquainted with

their new surroundings. Our goal is for both parents and infants to feel comfortable during this first separation

Schedule, Time, and Connectedness

The routine of the day is predictable, but flexible so that the children know what to expect. There is a “child rhythm” embedded in the routine, so each child’s needs and interests are always at the forefront.

Children are given plenty of time to explore and play throughout the day. A gentle routine of free play, songs, rhymes, and rest are accentuated. These little ones explore both in and outdoors. They are never rushed from one activity to another.

Routines, such as sleeping and eating, are given careful attention and considered another part of the curriculum. Providing rich materials, building relationships, and being present for each child, creates a secure, safe nest in which toddlers can grow and flourish.


For our youngest learners, we provide a supportive environment where infants can freely move and explore. The classroom is equipped with ample floor space and various structures to support the development of gross motor skills. A variety of multi-sensory materials are provided to enhance tactile experiences. Each infant has their own crib, ensuring a personal and safe space.

Our infants receive dedicated nurturing and care, along with daily engagement in individual and small group activities. These activities are designed to support their sensory, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. Your child will be assigned to a primary teacher and team who will serve as their main caregivers and educators during the first 18 months of their life. This approach ensures consistency, builds a foundation of basic trust, and fosters an environment of encouragement.

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the unique needs of each child, emphasizing movement, play, manipulation, exploration, expression, reflection, socialization, and autonomy. Children are given the freedom to choose activities and are encouraged to progress at their own pace. Key elements that reinforce our approach include:

– Sensory toys and materials
– Crawling and climbing structures
– Sounds and music
– Expressive media
– Living plants and animals
– Language development
– Dramatic play
– Stories
– Outdoor experiences

This holistic approach ensures that each child at Voyagers’ thrives in a nurturing and stimulating environment.


A cozy and comfortable atmosphere for young learners encourages freedom and a sense of structure as our little ones interact with each other.

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