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Phone Number: 732-842-1660

Strategic Plan

We are grateful for the guidance, input, and creative thinking of our Board members whose commitment to Voyagers’ supports our efforts and our successes.
Karen M. Giuffre’, Chief Executive Officer, Nancy McGaughan, Advancement Officer

Board Of Directors

Dr. Richard Allen, President
Micki Levine, Vice President
Cindy Knab, Treasurer
Karen M. Giuffre’, Secretary
Susan Berke
Ellen Karcher
Diane Rappoport
Dr. Thomas Berke
Jonida Lagji


We believe in the unique, innovative, and creative curriculum we have developed over twenty years as an educational institution. We believe our programs and teaching methods empower and inspire in every student a lifelong passion for learning. To build on our decades of success, we will achieve the following initiatives within the next three to five years:

  • The Chief Executive Officer will establish the Education Think Tank, for educators, parents, and others interested in the advancement of education that celebrates creativity, nourishes ingenuity, and ignites in children a deep passion for discovery through life-long learning. 
  • Continued advancement of the Voyagers’ High School Academy
    • Hire additional innovative and passionate teachers focused on math and science.
    • Extend the high school experience by ushering students into Brookdale Community College courses, building and maintaining outside mentorship and internship opportunities, and counseling students to recognize and achieve their personal goals. 
  • Partner with credentialed mental health professionals to create and deliver social/emotional learning curriculum for K -12 grade students and provide SEL professional development for faculty and staff.
  • Hire additional teachers to further enhance STEAM and emerging technology programs, and world languages for grades K-12.

Financial Stability

We believe, to guarantee the continued and long-term success of Voyagers’ Community School, we must be on firm financial footing. Investment in our programs, personnel, facilities, and alternate revenue streams is necessary to provide us with the resources for sustained growth. We will achieve the following within the next three to five years:

  • Hire a dedicated admissions and enrollment management professional to oversee and lead enrollment efforts. This person will work closely with the Chief Executive Officer and Associate Director to coordinate marketing and public relations efforts, provide up-to-date admissions and enrollment data and trends, and design and institute admissions and enrollment processes based on results. The admissions staff will increase enrollment to 75 students by the close of the 2023-2024 school year, and trend upward, year after year, by a minimum of 3%.
  • Task the Associate Director with establishing community outreach, marketing, and communications  measures to increase the use of facilities and curriculum for increased revenue, and maintain partnerships with SAIL, local summer camps, and other entities beneficial to the school’s impact and financial stability.
  • Task the Chief Executive Officer with discovering and nurturing new advances, expanded ventures, and innovative risk-taking practices to increase revenue streams. 
  • Establish a board subcommittee to design, launch, and oversee an annual giving campaign year after year for three years.  
  • Task the Chief Executive Officer and Bookkeeper with researching and establishing additional employee benefits.

Public Relations

Because we believe so strongly in our mission and educational philosophy, we must share our students’ successes and highlight our innovative curriculum. Voyagers’ Community School seeks to be an integral part of our surrounding community; therefore, we must prioritize efforts to publicize the school and our students. We will accomplish this by implementing the following actions within the next three to five years:

  • Promote from within an Associate Director, on track to fill the position of Director, who, among other responsibilities, focuses on communications initiatives and management. This individual will oversee all aspects of school communication, both internal and external which will allow Voyagers’ to share a clear and consistent message to the public while keeping current and prospective families informed about the advantages of a Voyagers’ education.
  • Create a master calendar and manage the production of the following: 
    • community events 
    • social media and press releases campaigns
    • podcast broadcasts
    • blog posts
    • Newsletters for stakeholders, potential friends, and families.
  • Work closely with Brookdale Community College, get involved with surrounding community events, promote education and parenting trends at school events, and introduce new methods of communication.  
  • Train students, staff, parents, and board members to speak to the school’s core values and the reasons Voyagers’ is the best place for children, highlighting differences – the why?


Building and maintaining enrollment is paramount to the continued success of Voyagers’ Community School. We recognize, proactive efforts must be made to attract and retain students in all grade levels. Guided by the projection models we have formulated, we will take the following actions within the next three to five years to achieve our desired enrollment with a waiting list:

  • Highlight the school’s strengths through consistent communications on social media platforms with an eye on what approaches and algorithms are trending.
  • Task the Associate Director with employing a videographer, marketing consultant, and a photographer. Together these individuals will produce imagining, scripts, and short and long-form videos to convey student successes, innovative educators, cutting-edge curriculum initiatives, academic prowess, and emotional/social growth and health of our students and faculty.
  • Revamp the Innovator Scholars Initiative.
  • Increase Voyagers’ participation and visibility in the community by attending events and engaging in volunteer activities.
  • Launch a line of Voyagers’ swag to increase visibility and awareness in the community at large.
  • Collect data using questionnaires to parents and students currently enrolled, prospective families, and those who elect not to attend Voyagers’ in order to refine and tailor our marketing messaging.