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Phone Number: 732-842-1660

About Voyagers’ Community School

Voyagers’ Community School is the only experiential, student-driven, non-denominational, independent day school serving students, ages 6 months through 18 years, of all genders, in Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean Counties.

Our Unrivaled Approach to Education Sets Our Scholars On a Voyage of Discovery

Voyagers’ is a place where teachers and parents play a fundamental role in supporting the next generation of meaningful, honorable, and creative leaders. Our students  embark on a journey of creativity and discovery. Teacher/Researchers instill in them the tenets of determination and leadership, and remind them that no matter where the future takes them, the skills of innovation and investigation will always be a useful to have along the way.

Faculty and Staff

Our highly skilled and dynamic faculty and staff, together with our innovative and lively curriculum, ensures our students emerge as industrious leaders and visionaries in their fields. Graduates of Voyagers’ join the ranks of our many alumni at specialized vocational schools, vibrant colleges, and storied universities across both the country and the world.

Voyagers’ students find their voice, realize their power, and harness that energy for the journey ahead. Our graduates are prepared to fulfill their passions as engaged citizens, firm in the belief that together we can change the world.

Our Visionary Founder

Voyagers’ Community Schools’ Founder and CEO, Karen Giuffre’, M.Ed , began with the premise that children were undervalued as they climbed through the educational ranks. Seeking to flip this concept on its head, she began Voyagers’ to shine a light on their capacities. She had no doubt children are powerful, resourceful, and competent and has proven it time and time again over the last 20 years.

Children at Voyagers’ have the freedom to create and express themselves in many ways. From top-tier electives to an in-depth STEAM curriculum, we unlock each child’s passion for learning and help them realize their potential.

Helping children succeed in school and move on to a college, university, or vocation that is right for them is our highest priority.

20 Years of Excellence

We know that choosing a school is one of the most important decisions a family will make. At Voyagers’ Community School, we believe that each parent’s investment in their child’s future is one of the best investments that can be made.

For the past 20 years, families have invested in a Voyagers’ education because they know that the school:

  • Fosters confidence
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Nurtures intellectual curiosity
  • Instills a sense of responsibility
  • Develops critical thinking skills
  • Prepares students for intellectual challenges
  • Promotes habits of mindfulness and values that endure

Middle States Accredited

According to MSA-CESS, the profile of a Middle States Accredited institution:

  • Adheres to the Middle States Standards for Accreditation;
  • Uses its mission, beliefs, and goals as the basis for daily decision-making;
  • Operates in the public interest and in accordance with ethical practice;
  • Accepts responsibility for the level of performance of its students;
  • Remains committed to continuous improvement in student learning and to its capacity to produce the levels of learning desired and expected by its community;
  • Operates in a collegial and collaborative way with all of its stakeholders;
  • Sustains its focus on implementing recommendations, addressing monitoring issues and correcting stipulations that may be part of its notification of accreditation and
  • Fulfills its maintenance requirements to the Commission.
  • Elementary And Secondary School Accreditation
  • We are proud to share, Voyagers’ Community School is among 2,800 schools across the United States and in nearly 100 countries, accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools

Student’s Choice

The students are partners in the design of their education. Because wisdom teaches that everyone learns at different rates and that peer teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning, the students are encouraged to depend on and support others in their quest for knowledge. Their accountability is to themselves and to those around them, including the faculty. Natural curiosity and a genuine desire to learn should be the motivation of each student’s interest in his/her education.

Trust And Support

A major tenet of our school is trust. We trust that each student, empowered to follow their own interest at their own pace, will learn, develop and discover the world in the ways that are right for them. Students are supported in their endeavors by a caring and compassionate faculty.


Much of the day-to-day running of the school is governed democratically by the students, faculty, and staff. This is achieved through regular school meetings in which students get to share their input and pose new possibilities. In order for it to truly be their community, they must be a part of the design of the environment and operations.


Faculty, staff, family, friends, and the community at large are all important parts of a child’s education. The school welcomes individuals wishing to share their knowledge and skills. The caveat is that the subject matter must suit children’s interests, the person’s style must match our philosophy and the timing must suit our schedule. Through this engagement, the community benefits from the school as the school benefits from the community.


Diversity is inherently valuable and therefore it’s important that the school is accessible and welcoming to people of all economic classes, races, ages, orientations, and abilities. Our creative, Indexed Tuition Plan and Innovator Scholarship Program make the school as affordable as possible. We aim not to turn students away for financial reasons.


The school atmosphere is one that allows for the whole expression of each individual. This means that in addition to the freedom to explore their intellectual, social and physical capacities, students are also given the freedom to explore their emotional selves. Students quickly learn that the faculty supports, assists, facilitates, and recognizes teachable moments and interpersonal tensions.


It is our aim to be as sustainable as possible, considering always the long-term welfare of the school and its environment. This means ecological responsibility – using environmentally conscious products and supplies, participating in green energy programs, etc.


Funding for the school and its operations comes from a diverse number of sources (tuition, fundraising, donations, grants, etc.). This assures that a dependency on a single source is not formed. All members of the community assist in this endeavor providing ideas, contacts, volunteer labor and encouragement to those pursuing outside funds.