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Preschool – Toddler

Playing indoors and outside, with natural materials, such as sand, water, mud, leaves, wind, and light provides them with first-hand knowledge of their surroundings and how things work.
Every human being, whether child or adult, seems to require significance, that is placed in another person’s world.
(Laing, Self And Others, 1969)


Our Toddler Classroom

Toddlers are 10 months to 2 years. Children are welcome to this classroom based on their age and readiness, and following conversations with parents. In this classroom there is one teacher for every six children. Of course, there are always extra hands provided by assistants.

In our toddler room children discover:

  • Experienced and responsive teachers who focus on each of them.
  • A flexible and responsive environment designed to give toddlers the chance to move freely and explore their world.
  • A fenced in yard with a mud kitchen, a sound and organic garden, and plenty of places to discover bugs, flowers, and frogs.
  • Soft seating and structures for climbing, pulling up, walking, and developing gross motor skills
  • Sand/water tables for early sensory development
  • Instruments, art supplies, magnifying glasses, bug boxes, blocks, and trikes
  • Trains and trucks, multicultural dolls, and manipulatives for rich language and social development.
  • An extensive picture book library



Reggio Emilia’s “Inserimento,” which translated means “settling in,” is the approach our teachers take as they introduce both parents and babies to our environment. The teachers learn as much as they can from parents about each toddler’s personality, routines, and needs. To accomplish this understanding, they allow time for parents and infants to separate and to become acquainted with the new surroundings. Our goal is for both parents and infants to feel comfortable during this first separation.

Teachers as Co-Researchers and Caregivers

Our teachers communicate with parents about each toddler’s current state of development and daily progress as they rapidly grow. This reporting is accomplished through the use of an online portfolio. This portfolio follows each child through each day and year of schooling at Voyagers’.

Schedules, Times, and Connections

The routine of the day is predictable, but flexible so that toddlers know what to expect. There is a “child rhythm” embedded in the routine, so each child’s needs and interests are always at the forefront.

Children are given plenty of time to explore and play throughout the day. A gentle routine of free play, circle time, songs, rhymes, and games are accentuated. These little ones explore both in and outdoors. They are not rushed from one activity to another.

Our toddlers become more deeply engaged in play and discovery experiences when they have the time to do so. Routines, such as sleeping and eating, are given careful attention and considered another part of the curriculum. Providing rich materials, building relationships, and being present for each child, creates a secure, safe nest in which toddlers can grow and flourish.


Active play is each toddler’s way of practicing how to be in the world. Toddlers in play are continuously learning, developing new skills, seeking out information, and gaining knowledge. The availability of multisensory materials, along with the teacher’s gentle guidance, facilitates each child’s inquiries and investigations.

The teachers watch, listen and document each child’s ideas and theories as they go about their daily routine. Teachers actively observers and reflect on what they learn about children’s interests. Only then do they make plans. These plans allow, within safe limits, for children to discover, create and share.

Our teachers play a critical role in listening, reassuring, and supporting the child who evolves over these developing years.

Meet The Preschool Team

  • Ami Mistry

    Teacher/Researcher - Preschool

    As a passionate Educator and former Software Engineer, Ami brings a unique blend of technical expertise and a deep commitment to nurturing young minds. Her journey has led her from the realm of technology to…
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  • Stacey Shearer

    Teacher/Researcher - Preschool

    With over 15 years of experience in education, Stacey brings a wealth of expertise to the classroom. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and English from St. John's University, with a focus…
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