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As one of the leading progressive private schools in New Jersey, we provide students with the academic and goals and purpose driven compass needed to navigate lives. Across the school, from 6 months through 12th grade, students discover new passions, cruise through the curriculum, and make enduring friendships. We take pride in providing a high-quality learning experience, centered on student engagement, and anchored in a strong sense of community. We set sail on our mission, to develop future-facing, confident young people.

  • Preschool – Infants

    Our infants receive dedicated nurturing and care, along with daily engagement in individual and small group activities. These activities are designed to support their sensory, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development.
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  • Preschool – Toddler

    Voyagers’ toddler program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia schools in Italy, along with the study and work of many early childhood notables including Margie Carter and Deb Curtis authors of "Curriculum for Infants and…
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  • Preschool – Prekindergarten

    In our Reggio Emilia inspired Preschool program, teachers offer an emergent curriculum based on exploration and creation. No day is the same as another.
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  • Lower School – Kindergarten through 2nd Grade

    Our Reggio-Inspired, project-based elementary classrooms we teach traditional academics in nontraditional ways. Our curriculum fosters deep, and meaningful learning. Small class sizes allow teachers to provide personalized guidance that inspires students to learn…
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  • Lower School – 3rd through 5th Grade

    Our third through fifth-grade students, in what is commonly referred to as elementary school, want to do everything. They are builders, sculptors, computer scientists, and academics. They are hands-on, experiential learners, interacting with…
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  • Outdoor School – 6th through 8th Grade

    Our Outdoor School, created to facilitate students’ learning and personal growth and development, is key to our success with middle school children.
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  • High School – 9th through 12th Grade

    At Voyagers' Community School high school we are constantly rethinking educational processes. We have designed a program that is tailored to the 21st century needs of adolescents
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  • Voyagers’ Micro School – Kindergarten through 8th Grade

    Voyagers’ Microschool provides homeschool resources for students who learn together in our multi-age classrooms, where they focus on topics that are most interesting to them.
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