Extended Summer Preschool

  • extended summer preschool

    Let’s Extend the Fun and Learning!

    2019 Summer Preschool Details Coming Soon!

    For preschool children ages 2.5 – 4, we continue our Preschool Program where we nurture the intellectual and imaginative capabilities of each child through child-centered and emergent experiences rich in language, literature, science, craft, and the arts. Children learn with their hearts, hands, and minds. With bug boxes and nets, triangles and tambourines, tea sets and dress-up clothes, and books and cozy corners, children will experience a summer filled with wonder, joy, and friendship.

    Extended Summer Preschool Details

    Each day begins with a class gathering and ends with a close-of-the-day celebration… “What great things have we done today?” And in the middle… interactive centers, outside play, snack, special guests, and dozens of other moments. Children chase their passions, explore their curiosities, and make lots of new friends.