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Phone Number: 732-842-1660

College & Career Counseling

Our comprehensive high school curriculum ensures students explore all of their respective interests and ambitions, achieve proficiency in our future-facing subjects, build strong character and deep empathy, and forge the meaningful friendships so characteristic of our Voyagers’ community.

Our College Counseling and Post-Grad services are one of the features that make the experience at Voyagers’ Community School absolutely unrivaled. Through initial meetings with each student and their families beginning in eighth grade, students are formally introduced to a member of our highly qualified College Counseling and Post-Grad advisors. Each and every one of the professionals has a wealth of knowledge they have gathered over the years they have spent studying, advancing, and honing their expertise in the field of college and career counseling.

This advisor will mentor students (and their families) from the first 8th-grade meeting all the way through 12th-grade graduation. This allows each advisor to become deeply acquainted with the imminent needs, burning passions, exciting hobbies, and lofty goals of each and every young Skipper. We do this because, at Voyagers’, we understand that post-high school planning is, at its heart, a truly collaborative process. A process that allows each student to find the best-fit school for them. Whether that is a storied university, a notable trade school, or anywhere in between, is up to each individual student and their family. Our job is solely to provide the most comprehensive information and advice so families can make well-informed decisions.

In the early years of their Voyagers’ high school career, teenage Skippers are advised on extracurricular activities and opportunities for extended study, and how to make the most of their summer, through internships, travel, or reflection. Should their personalized college profile require them, they are also prepared to achieve excellence on standardized tests.

As Voyagers’ high school students grow, so too do their college counseling opportunities. These range from in-depth, informative workshops on the college process for students and families, to attendance, with their advisor or family, to college fairs. Students also learn how to make the most of a campus visit, with coaching on how to ace their final interview, and ultimately, to take ownership of their lives and their futures.

As the only progressive, innovative, and dynamic private high school in all of New Jersey, we are able to offer this extremely personalized, in-depth approach to college counseling, and to help each student create a college profile that is uniquely tailored to their every need.

This inventive approach, coupled with the ways Voyagers’ prepares our students’ for both far-reaching academic and life success, ensures each and every Voyagers’ Community School graduate is well-equipped to face the challenges of an ever-evolving world. As a result, 100% of Voyagers’ graduates earn acceptances to four-year colleges and universities year after year, and have, since Voyagers’ inception. Today, 98% of our graduates have successfully matriculated at these colleges, garnering honors and accolades along the way.

Proudly, all of our graduates have moved on to productive and satisfying lives that have included starting businesses and product lines, working for Fortune 500 companies, and forging their way into some of the leading tech companies in the country. Many of our Skippers have traveled the world and studied abroad. Several have chosen nontraditional paths driven by their quest to be and do as their spirit tells them.

Ultimately, through journeys of Creation & Discovery, adeptly honed Determination & Leadership skills, and a deeply ingrained talent for Innovation & Investigation, our many graduates near and far are proud to join the ranks of our distinguished Voyagers’ Alumni.

Together, they continue to do what each and every Voyagers’ Community School student is sculpted to do: change the world.