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    Every child is unique, so why shouldn’t their education be as unique as they are? At Voyagers’ Community School, the curriculum is child led and teacher guided, leading children to develop a lifelong love of learning. Rather than establish a set curriculum for the entire class, students are encouraged to follow their natural curiosity and see where it leads. Once their interests, skills and knowledge base have been assessed, a curriculum is designed that will both challenge and interest each student.

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    The factors that are considered when determining your child’s curriculum include the following:

    • age
    • grade level
    • current skills and knowledge
    • growth potential

    Each student’s growth is measured and adjusted where necessary to maximise their learning capabilities and help them reach their highest potential. Rather than try to fit children into a particular mode, at Voyagers’, we shape the “mold” around the children. Students are free to explore and learn at a pace that’s right for them, which reduces stress, and frees them to follow what interests them. Each student is interested in what they’re learning, which keeps them engaged and helps them retain what they’ve learned.

    What’s Different About Voyagers’

    Voyagers’ combines the best aspects of a number of educational strategies when putting together the curriculum we use with students. Our curriculum is a unique combination of the following educational styles:

    • Reggio Emilia – project based, child led.
    • Montessori Schools – child centered, play based.
    • Waldorf – play based approach combined with structure & routines.
    • Holistic Education – each child learns about themselves as a person.
    • They learn how they fit into the natural world and into the community.
    • Socratic Seminar Method – teaches critical thinking skills.

    Children also learn:

    • budgeting
    • banking
    • investing
    • foreign language
    • art
    • music and more

    Serving West Long Branch and Long Branch Locations

    Voyagers’ Community School is proud to serve parents and students in the West Long Branch and Long Branch areas. Available programs include:

    voyagers community school west long branchOver time, the staff and students become a tight knit community, so when graduation finally arrives, as it must, we’re proud of our graduates, yet sad to see them go. We take heart, however, in the knowledge that our grads have grown into fine individuals, who are making a positive impact everywhere they go. If you’re ready for your child to experience Voyagers’ Community School, we’d love to talk to you.

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