Theater & American Sign Language Camp

This Camp is Filled.  Registration is Closed to New Campers.

Voyagers’ Theatre and ASL Summer Camp

This summer immerse yourself in camp, surrounded by boys and girls ages 8 to 18 who love theater and acting, and want to learn ASL as much as you do! We accept beginners to advanced campers.

In addition to theater/sign language camp, you can join our STEAM Creativity Lab Camp to create full weeks or add additional camp days to your schedule. Participating in both camps allows you to combine your passion for theater and sign language with your interest in Movie Making, 3D Printing, Art, Science, Drone Flight and much more.

During our Theater and Sign Language Summer Camp, students will learn acting skills as well as ASL. By the end of this five-week camp, students will perform a dazzling show that appeals to a wide variety of ages. Campers will expand their American Sign Language vocabulary in a play presented in Sign Language as well as English. The deaf community and hearing community will be able to enjoy the production together.

The Teacher

Rebecca Volek is a passionate teacher, of both American Sign Language and Theatre. She has a strong desire to bridge the gap between the deaf community and hearing community. Rebeca is a college graduate of an interpreter training program located in New Jersey. She has taught in our school and interpreted for the deaf community in professional settings. Rebecca has also volunteered for the New Jersey Special Olympics and a play at Ocean County College. She has taught theatre with Enspirited Projects of Brick, and collaboratively designed a theatre program for the Deaf with PlayWrites Theatre of New Jersey.

The Details

The program is open to anyone age 8-18. Children do not have to have prior experiences in Theater or Sign Language although experienced actors and signers are also welcomed. Attending most to all of the camp sessions are required to be in the play. Participants must be willing to learn both sign language and acting.

We accept theater/sign campers without auditions and ensures every actor is valued, respected and considered for every role. We create a tight-knit community of campers raising each other up. The results are clear to see and hear on stage with our enjoyable show and the smiles from all our actors and parents.

Both Sign Language vocabulary and acting techniques are taught through various games and activities. Characters will be assigned for the play during the second week. Each character will have two actors, one to perform in English and the other to perform in ASL. Both characters will play the same part at the same time in sync as if they were one person talking in both languages. This approach enables both the hearing community and deaf community to enjoy the same show.

Camp Meeting Dates

Every Tuesday and Thursday
June 26th through July 26th
9:30 am to 1:30 pm

*Please send your child with a packed lunch*

Camp Fee

$595.00 paid in full at the time of registration. Enrollment for this camp program is limited, so reserve a place today!

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