Voyagers' Kids Speak Out!

  • Everyone at Voyagers’ Community School works hard to help children learn, grow, develop, and explore. So it is always inspiring to hear from the students how they feel about us!


    “The Outdoor School is where we go outside to learn about nature and animals. We learn about the Earth so we know how to take care of it and we can all live together in the world.” ~Nina – Grade 6

    “The Outdoor School lets us go outside and explore nature. It’s so much more than being just in the classroom.” ~Eric G – Grade 6

    “We learn outside because we are feeling and seeing what we are learning. We are experiencing wildlife and just not seeing pictures of them. I think this is one of the best ways to learn.” ~Rachael – Grade 6

    “I like the Outdoor School because of how it gives me time to explore the woods and do things that we can’t do inside the classroom.” ~Eric B – Grade 8

    “The Outdoor School has given me something new. Some kids will never get this kind of education, in this kind of classroom.” ~Cameron – Grade 8

    “The Outdoor School is pretty snazzy, and as much as I don’t like to walk, it’s pretty enjoyable being out there. I get to find lots of big bugs in the Arboretum.” ~Rowan – Grade 7

    “To me, the Outdoor School is free, it’s nice to be able to see the woods and the outdoors. Being outside rather than using textbooks is a gift. It gives us more freedom to learn and the opportunity to explore and learn.” ~Jalynne – Grade 7

    “I really love the beauty and the freedom that the outdoors brings to us. I love watching the wildlife. If it weren’t for the Arboretum and the Outdoor School I still wouldn’t like the outdoors.” ~Hannah – Grade 8

    “The Outdoor School is amazing and fun for me. It’s fun and cool.” ~Shayna – Grade 6

    “The Outdoor School is a great way to connect with nature and more. Learning about animals, plants and the weather is pretty fascinating when you think about it.” ~Neilia – Grade 8