Voyagers In Action

  • 10 Questions With Karen Giuffre From Voyagers’ Community School

    Meet the founding director behind Voyagers’, the K-12 school prioritizing creative expression and intellectual investigation.

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  • Quiet Lunch Survey

    Recently, at Voyagers’ Community School, the staff received proposals requesting the establishment of a quiet space for lunch. After some thought the preschool room, West 1, was identified as the best place for quiet lunches. When the idea was proposed to the preschool students they became quite excited. They were happy to serve as hosts, “The lunch room does get loud with everyone talking so much,” said AJ. So, to begin this process, the preschoolers and their teacher drafted a survey and distributed it to all of the students. This survey consisted of 2 questions: Would you like a quiet lunch space? If so, how many days per week would you like it? This survey was hand delivered to each classroom by the preschool students. They explained the purpose of the survey and answered any questions students had. The classes were very excited to hear about this lunch option; they […]

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