In our high school, we offer Socratic Seminar and experiential, project-driven learning and provide a solid intellectual foundation for adolescents. Our high school students are asked not only to consider what to do but moreover to think on their own and ask why.We are dedicated to the idea that young adults have to take an active role in their intellectual and social learning.

We believe, from day-to-day high schoolers should be given intellectual freedom, agency, and a say in their education. We are certain teenagers are capable and trustworthy.


We do teach traditional academics but in non-traditional ways. However, we rely on an interwoven approach to studying classic subjects including literature, history, science, math, world languages, an unusual variety of electives, guided independent studies and opportunities for student leadership. We promote personal initiative and adaptability, and engage all aspects of a student’s development, not just the academic part. We possess respect for the individual student and the rewards of participation in a learning community. This approach set the stage for collaboration, inspiration, and forward-thinking intelligence.

Throughout the high school years, we place greater demand on accountability and the expectation of a higher level of expertise across subjects. Working alongside and with fellow students on projects and in developing deeper understanding students gain a foundational sense of responsibility.

Voyagers’ high school students are able to create the solutions that our constantly changing world so desperately needs!


Lab Sciences
World Languages
Electives and Clubs
Independent Study
Early College
Senior Capstone 


By creating opportunities for intellectual development, our high school enables students to become discerning. They learn to discover and examine an extensive body of information, evaluate evidence, consider all perspectives, and only then form their own conclusions. Higher-order thinking is crucial for college and life success, where knowledge, skills, and perspectives must continuously adapt to our rapidly changing world.

We teach that questions matter as much as answers and thinking, solving, and doing are pillars of a meaningful education.

Students come to realize that discovery and adventure, in the form of experimenting and creating in a STEM/STEAM Lab, Artist’s’ Studio, Writer’s Center, or Field Laboratory, complement robust academic and social pursuits. The caveat is proven success; our graduates go on to reputable colleges and universities, into 21st century professions like eGaming and social media marketing, and join traditional trades. More significantly, they lead lives with confidence, curiosity, and a sense of social justice and citizenship. These young adults possess worldly panache.