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    voyagers Tinton Falls Community SchoolIs your child thriving where she’s at? Does she come home every day excited about what she learned at school or does she complain about being bored? Children in Tinton Falls who attend Voyagers’ Community School are engaged in their learning. Our curriculum gets children excited about what they’re learning which is reflected in how they respond to teachers, parents and even their peers. Your child is a unique individual, with interests and talents that are unique to him. He deserves to be part of a school community close to home that respects his individuality and challenges him to reach his fullest potential.

    An Exceptional Curriculum for Your Exceptional Child

    You have a number of educational options for your child in Tinton Falls, so you might wonder what makes Voyagers’ Community School a good choice. We’ve pulled together the best features of a variety of educational methods and combined them into a unique curriculum that inspires children to become engaged in their own learning. Some of the progressive educational strategies we borrow include:

    • child-centered, play based learning
    • mixed-age classroom setting
    • holistic education that targets the whole child
    • project-based curriculum that’s driven by the interests of each child
    • a combination of play-based learning, routines and structure
    • socratic method of learning that encourages development of critical thinking

    At Voyagers’, children are supported by teachers, parents and the other students as they gain independence and confidence in their own abilities. As students gain competence in a particular subject, they’re encouraged to share what they’ve learned with their younger peers, further solidifying their own understanding of the topic. We establish goals for each individual child, based upon the following factors:

    • age
    • grade
    • current knowledge and skills
    • suggestive potential for growth

    Learning Baking in Tinton Falls Community SchoolAs each child progresses, their growth is regularly assessed and adjusted as needed. Rather than put children into a particular grade, they’re placed in a mixed age classroom where they can grow and learn at their own pace. As students are free to study what interests them, they’re more engaged and become active participants in their own learning. Similar to progressive schools such as Montessori or Waldorf, Voyagers’ teaching philosophy is child focused. The interests of each child informs the curriculum they study, keeping them engaged and interested. As natural learners, children develop a lifelong love of learning when they’re encouraged to follow their interests. Teachers provide students with learning materials that slowly grow in difficulty, and that challenge both their creative and critical thinking skills.

    Why Tinton Falls?

    Parents in both Tinton Falls and Shrewsbury Township rightly seek out schools that offer a caring environment for their children. That’s why they take such an active role in their community and in their own children’s education. Voyagers’ Community School appreciates and welcomes parents who are involved in their children’s academic lives. Children excel when their parents play a part in their child’s learning. No matter where your child is in his education journey, there’s a place for him at Voyagers’. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in Tinton Falls and Shrewsbury Township:

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