Thoughts In The Yard

September 25, 2014
Rachel VanHazinga Outdoor Lover Sharing Her Thoughts

Rachel Van Hazinga Outdoor Lover

Today in the yard my mind full of thoughts , Sandy and I saw some birds floating not flying. Drifting. Circles of winged creatures moving across the sky, clear blue behind them a lonely cloud in my peripherals. Why? What does that feel like? I imagine myself floating in cool water. They look like kites without the strings. I wonder why they seem to move in harmony, almost as if they are dancing. Then they are gone. Julian O. comes rushing over to us, “What does that mean when hawks fly like that?”

Were they hawks? I wonder to myself, what did I learn about hawks or were they Turkey vultures? How can I tell the difference? Sandy asked Julian what he thought it may have meant. He ran off to discuss it with his friends.


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