Team Building

July 22, 2015

In the past few weeks, Room 1 and Room 2 students have been joining the Voyagers’ Outdoor Program on Tuesday mornings. Students in Rooms 1 and 2 have been given the opportunity to participate in real scientific explorations of their local natural environment. In the past few weeks, we have had encounters with nest protecting geese, nest building red-tailed hawks, hopping green frogs, insect hatches and an explosion of bird calls that have excited our students and driven their Science classes

In addition to a science and nature based learning experience, Room 1, Room 2 and Middle School students have been participating in specific team building activities. These activities have been focused around communication, working towards a common goal, listening to teammate suggestions and trusting in teammates. These activities have done wonders for our students in that they give older students an opportunity to showcase leadership, they give younger students the chance to trust and communicate with each other and they give teachers an opportunity to see another side of our students.

Pictured above: Students were challenged to get from our camp to the ball field on the property. Two students were blindfolded, two students could not speak, one student had their hands tied behind their back and later, when students were having difficulty staying together, two students legs were tied together at the ankle.


Once students made it to the field, they played team building games. Here you see the Group Juggle. This game focuses on clear communication and being a good teammate.

Island Hop. In this game, students need to get their team from one island (hula hoop) to another island by skipping along floating debris. But watch out! These water’s are filled with sharks!

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