Sound Garden for Pre K Students

January 22, 2016

Just like the rest of the students at Voyagers’, the students in Pre-K produced a project during Project Weeks. For all of these students, this was the first time they had heard of Project Weeks and the first time that they participated in a group project. Throughout the first part of the year the students had had an interest in making music. They have been exploring both through traditional instruments and various other materials that they found around the classroom and school. One day while putting away the instruments to go outside one of the students raised the question, “Why can’t we make music outside?” Thus launched the inspiration for the Sound Garden.

After more conversation, the idea of a Sound Garden was proposed to the students, they loved the idea and wanted to get started on it right away. The class sat down together to map out what the garden would look like and which objects would make the right sounds to act as the instruments. Some of these items included wind chimes, buckets, pans, pots, cans, and keys. The children were very excited to start collecting these items at home. They began bringing them in and together figuring out where to place them on the garden.

The next thing task for the class was to discuss the different steps that would have to be taken in order to complete the project. The steps identified were to find pallets and clean them, paint them, seal them, and attach the materials for the instruments. The first step was easy. We brought in the pallets together and took the time to make sure that there was no dirt or pieces splintering out.

The Making of the Sound Garden Part 1

Early in the painting process.

The next step was to determine the colors that each pallet was going to be painted. Each student participated in choosing the colors of the pallet that we were painting. Fiona liked to mix the colors together to create new ones. “I learned that red and blue makes purple!

The Making of the Sound Garden Part 2

Students collaborating to paint a pallet.


The Making of the Sound Garden Part 3

The finished Sound Garden pallets.

Once the pallets were painted with color and sealer paint, the students attached the objects to the pallets. We used hammers, drills, screws, and string to make this happen. Once everything was attached, the students tried out the instruments. They loved the sounds they created! This Sound Garden will be placed in the front yard for all the students to use and create music while outside.

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