Setting Up The Perfect Habitat

September 22, 2015

Students in the Outdoor Program have begun setting up their environment in their new classroom. In Science, and before we went out into our new outdoor location, we started discussing what a habitat is. Students were asked what what their perfect habitat might be. These questions were raised:

“What is a habitat?”

“What habitats do you think we will find in the Arboretum?”

“What kind of a habitat does a bird need? A fish? You?”

Students determined that fish will need water, birds need trees and we need things like houses. Next, students participated in a free write activity where they wrote about their perfect habitat.

“My perfect habitat is my room. I have my PS4 in there. I have a nice bed, a TV, my Wii and I feel right at home.” – Cameron, 11

“My perfect habitat would be a perfect sunny, warm place surrounded with legos, video games, and DC comics. There would be nice colorful flowers everywhere lining the walls with a glass roof for the sun to heat up my habitat.” – Basem, 11

“My perfect habitat would have a bed, an Xbox, games, candy, food, a phone, a pool and legos.” – William, 12

Jake draws what his perfect habitat would look like.

Jake Draws What His Perfect Habitat Would Look Like.

Next, students were split into two groups to set up two different habitats. One habitat, the Trout Tank, the second, the Aqua Farm. The group who set up the Trout Tank engaged in a conversation about what a rainbow trout needs in its habitat. The group theorized that the trout will need rocks, water, fake plants to hide behind, a filter to clean the water and a source of cold water.

Here are a few pictures of our students setting up our two aquatic habitats:

This habitat will need some water.

This Habitat Will Need Some Water.


Setting up the Aqua Farm

Setting Up The Aqua Farm

This food growing classroom habitat will help us with lessons in Science in the future.

What’s next?

What’s Next?


Plants can grow on this?

Plants Can Grow On This?


The habitat is set up and ready for our trout. They will arrive October 7th.

The Habitat Is Set Up And Ready For Our Trout. They Will Arrive October 7th.

This activity got our students thinking about what we need as humans, where we live and how it is different from where other animals live. This discussion helped us brainstorm what kinds of habitats we will find in our outdoor location, what animals we will find, the kind of places we can explore and more importantly, it got our students thinking about the needs of others.

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