Rumson Community School

  • A Distinctive Learning Experience in Rumson Community School

    Children are not carbon copies of each other…each child learns in their own special way. So why do so many schools expect every child to learn the same material, in the same manner and at the same speed? rumson community school At Voyagers’ Community School, we celebrate the inherent uniqueness of every child. In fact, our curriculum depends on it! Children are surrounded by caring and compassionate individuals, in an environment that is rich with learning opportunities. As they take part in the daily schedule, new students quickly adapt to the unique culture that is Voyagers’. Older children mentor the younger ones, invoking a sense of responsibility and pride. The younger students, in turn, model the behavior and actions they see in their mentors. The result is a cohesive learning environment where each child can learn and grow to their fullest potential.

    Voyagers’ – The Best Community School in Rumson

    Children attending Voyagers’ will have every opportunity to play and grow and learn in a nurturing and safe environment. Goals will be established for each child based on their:

    • age
    • grade
    • current knowledge and skills
    • suggestive potential for growth

    Their growth will routinely be measured and assessed, and adjusted as necessary to ensure each child reaches their fullest potential. As we don’t force students into a rigid “grade” criteria; children are allowed to learn and grow at a pace that’s right for them. This takes pressure off, freeing them to follow their natural curiosity. As they’re interested in what they’re learning they absorb – and retain – more than if they were simply memorizing facts and figures. Each child at Voyagers’ learns to take responsibility for their education. They soon realize that the community depends upon their contribution to it, which inspires them to do their best.

    Come See The Difference

    Students at Voyager’s Community School in Rumson benefit from a curriculum that is based on the individual interests and the character of each individual child. Soldering In Middle SchoolOur curriculum is derived from a particular blend of a variety of progressive educational styles, including:

    • Reggio Emilia – project based, child led
    • Montessori Schools – child centered, play based
    • Waldorf – play based approach combined with structure & routines
    • Holistic Education – each child learns about themselves as a person. They learn how they fit into the natural world and into the community
    • Socratic Seminar Method – teaches critical thinking skills

    In addition to the standard curriculum, children are exposed to:

    • budgeting
    • banking
    • investing
    • foreign language
    • art
    • music and more

    Serving Rumson and The Surrounding Areas

    Voyagers’ Community School is proud to serve parents and students in the Rumson, Little Silver and Fair Haven areas. As the staff and children attending Voyagers’ grow more tight knit over the years, each graduation is bittersweet. As our students make their way into the world we’re sad that they’re leaving but also thrilled because we know they’re going to make the world a better place. Our graduates are goal setters who understand what it means to become an asset to their community. They often become politically active and contribute to the greater good in their own sphere of influence. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in Rumson and surrounding areas:

    If you’d like your child to experience the difference at Voyagers’ Community School, we’d love to talk to you. Get started today!