Routines to Remember

November 02, 2015

Routines to Remember

As the second month of school comes to a close, the preschool students in West 1 are working on routines both in and out of our classroom.

The students know to hang their backpacks on the lower hooks right outside of our door first thing in the morning. This is so all of West 1’s backpacks will be in the same place and can be found easily during lunch and dismissal.

Routines to Remember

The students have learned to place his or her name on our attendance tree.
“AJ is here today!” said Leia as she held up his block.

“Look everyone is here today!” said Fiona.

Another routine that some of the students partake in is placing their lunch boxes in the labeled bins at the end of lunch. When students get picked up at the end of the day his or her lunch box will be in those bins, ready to go. These routines give the students a sense of responsibility both in our classroom and in other parts of the school. This sense of responsibility also transfers to many parts of their lives as they learn to navigate their world, and they are all proud of their accomplishments. They know how important these routines are to have the day run smoothly and they are excited to take part.

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