Red Bank Community School

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    Your child is a unique individual and she deserves a quality educational experience in a school close to home. At Voyagers’ Community School in Red Bank, your child will get just that. Children look forward to their time at Voyagers’. Our popular outdoor classroom teaches them to observe and make sense of what they see. And a Reggio Emilia inspired, project based curriculum drives their learning by engaging each child’s interests.

    Highly Rated School in Red Bank

    Kids in Our Red Bank Community SchoolAs you would expect, our curriculum meets the highest educational standards. Yet students gain more than an education at Voyagers’. Students who attend Voyagers’ develop leadership qualities. They use critical thinking skills to help others as part of a mixed classroom setting. Our educational philosophy at Voyager’s is one of cooperation, encouragement and independence. Children thrive when they’re supported by students, teachers and parents who join forces to see each child reach their fullest potential.

    The Voyagers’ Difference in Red Bank

    Like Montessori, Waldorf, and other progressive schools, Voyagers’ is child focused. It’s centered around exploring and learning using topics that interest each child. Children are natural learners. When their interests are encouraged and guided, they develop a love of learning…a desire that follows them throughout their lives. Teachers provide material for each child that’s progressive in nature. It begins with easy and simple concepts, then slowly gets more difficult and complex. All of the curriculum is designed to allow the child to absorb information at a pace that fits their needs. We’re seeing amazing results from the mixed age classrooms at Voyager’s Community School. Older students gain a sense of pride and accomplishment by helping younger classmates with difficult concepts. The younger children also benefit. They admire and emulate their older classmates’ drive to learn and grow that they witness every day at Voyagers’.

    Why Red Bank?

    voyagers community school red bankResidents of this vibrant and growing community are deeply concerned about the future of both the community as a whole and its individual members. Parents living in Red Bank are keenly aware of the importance that education plays in their child’s future…that’s why they take such active roles in their children’s education. At Voyagers’ Community School, we appreciate and welcome involved parents. In fact, we believe that a sure indicator of a child’s ability to excel is the involvement their parent has in their academic efforts. Our students gain confidence as they master skills set by their own pace. Early success at their learning efforts leads to a true desire to learn which motivates them to accept responsibility for their learning. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in Red Bank:

    When your child attends Voyagers’ Community School he will be surrounded knowledgeable professionals who are skilled at helping children reach their fullest potential. Whether your child is just starting her education or she’s been attending school for years, she can grow her wings and fly at Voyager’s Community School in Red Bank.

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