• Voyagers’ Pre-Kindergarten Program Monmouth County


    Pre K – French

    In French, the students will be introduced to the early basics of the French language by employing each child’s natural inquisitiveness. Topics and direction will be determined as students make requests in an open dialogue with the instructor, during the flow of conversation

    Pre K – Math Workshop

    Math Workshop supports the emerging skills of our children as they build their understanding of mathematical problem-solving. Math takes a hands-on approach that encourages exploration and questioning and sharing.

    Emma Nuneviller

    Pre K-5 – Reading Workshop

    In an effort to better meet the varying needs of our students, teachers of the lower team bring students in PreK through 5th grade together twice a week for reading workshop.

    Sandy Miller

    Pre K – Words Workshop

    Words Workshop provides an opportunity for our preschool children to strengthen their language and literacy development through spoken word, reading, and writing. Letter recognition, sound association, and word formation are taught and reinforced through exposure that is varied and interesting to young children.

    Emma Nuneviller

    Pre K – Work Time

    Work Time is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to actively engage with the school environment and to take a meaningful and self-directed role in learning. Because children are naturally curious and eager to understand their world, it is important to provide time and opportunities for them to deeply explore concepts and topics of interest to them.

    Emma Nuneviller

    Student Work