The Importance of Quality Early Childhood Education

Group of toddlers petting a turtle during school visit.

The Importance of Quality Early Childhood Education

Voyagers' Community School firmly believes that early childhood care and education is more than preparation for primary school. Their programs aim at the holistic development of a child's emotional, physical, cognitive, and social needs to build a solid foundation for future growth. 

Investing in early childhood education programs for your child is beneficial. Some of the most notable benefits include:

  •       Improved Ability to Socialize and Form Friendships
  •       Increased Sense of Confidence; Greater Self-Esteem
  •       Long-Term Positive Attitude Toward School
  •       Improved Academic Standing or Potential

Choosing a preschool is one of the most important decisions a family will make. And choosing Voyagers' Community School for your children would be a priceless and unforgettable gift!

What Does Voyagers' Community School Offer?

The school stretches well beyond the formulaic expectations found in traditional daycare and pre-school environments.

Inspired by the schools of Reggio Emilia, along with the study and work of many early childhood notables, including Deb Curtis and Margie Carter, the preschool programs are divided into the following groups:

Infants, Toddlers, and Pre-Kindergarten 

The activities offered within each program category differ. Programs often target the specific developmental milestones of each age group.

Infant Early Childhood Education

Babies begin to explore the world and the people around them from the moment they are born. They are observers, interpreters, explorers, discoverers, and always learners. 

The teachers treat daily routines as learning opportunities for the infant and thoughtfully create appropriate, safe, inclusive, and engaging environments. Children find possibilities in a variety of materials and experiences that include sensory, fine, gross motor skills development, art, music, and nature exploration.

Toddler Early Childhood Education

The toddler childhood education program will introduce structure in your little one's life. Instructors begin to establish some daily routines and are often encouraged to explore.

They are interpreters, inventors, idea makers, and always on the go. Now that they are upright and walking, they experience life from a new perspective. Caregivers introduce recess, outdoor play areas, materials for creative expression, and new toys. 

The toddler room is filled with activity. Children join in songs, stories, discussions, investigations, discovery, and play. They get to know one another, learn to work together, constructively resolve conflicts, and grow. Small "conversations" are taking place among the group, and they are experiencing the broader world in a whole new way.

Pre-Kindergarten Early Childhood Education

As children exit their toddler years, they are curious, capable and engage in different activities where they observe, hypothesize, question, and clarify to create understanding. The availability of rich, real materials, along with the teacher's gentle guidance, facilitates the children in their inquiries and investigations. 

Along with learning language, literacy, math, creative arts, science, and global studies, children take part in community life activities such as:

  •       Whole school recess
  •       Museum days
  •       Local area field trips
  •       Caring for the classroom
  •       Watering plants
  •       Tending to pets

These activities help preschool children develop practical and social skills that enable them to be capable and self-reliant alongside their classmates. When children collaborate with each other and the teacher, a strong emphasis is placed on respect, community, and communication, which help children build their social and emotional intellect.

Voyagers' curriculum introduces ideas that encourage an understanding of the wider world. Children engage with the broader culture through: 

  •       The outdoors with weekly visits to the F. Bliss Arboretum
  •       The work of local farmers, craftsmen, and business owners
  •       The music, customs, and traditions of people at home and around the world.

The Teachers

Educators play a key role in a child’s life. They are partners, nurturers, guides, and researchers. They watch, listen and document each child's ideas and theories and inspire them to strive for greatness. 

At Voyagers' Community School, early childhood educators fill the following positions:

  •       Daycare Instructor
  •       Preschool Teacher
  •       Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
  •       Kindergarten Teacher
  •       Early Elementary School Teacher

Teachers that work at Voyagers' watch, listen and document each child's ideas and theories as they go about their daily routine. They are active observers who reflect on what they learn about children's interests. Only then do they make plans. These plans allow, within safe limits, for children to discover, create and share.

Voyagers' Community School's dedicated and friendly caregivers are trained in child development, early childhood education, and related fields. To ensure safety, a thorough background check is conducted, and they're all trained and certified in first aid and CPR.

Is a Positive Learning Environment Vital?

Some parents may choose to use negative reinforcement when raising their children; others depend upon constant praise. But these interactions aren't as effective as offering sincere  respect and love for who children  are rather than for the task they’ve completed. According to Alfie Kohn, “When unconditional support is present, “Good job!” isn’t necessary; when it’s absent, “Good job!” won’t help.” Voyagers' Community School is a firm believer in “working with” strategies.

The Hallmarks of a Positive Learning Environment

Positive learning environments that are fueled by respect for children’s ideas and work through play tend to share several qualities in common. Are you looking for the perfect school or daycare for your little one? If so, Voyagers' pre-school possesses the following qualities: 

  •       Qualified instructors with academic backgrounds in early childhood education
  •       Spacious and clean rooms with interactive centers where children sing songs, participate in storytelling/story acting, and discover and discuss new ideas
  •       Friendly, patient personnel that use positive reinforcement and “working with” strategies to support children
  •       Helpful staff members that appreciate parent interactions and encourage greater parent involvement
  •       Transparent curriculums that offer a variety of subjects and activities

When choosing a program for your child, parents are welcome to schedule an in-person tour and witness and understand the school’s mission and vision:

“Our mission is to foster the natural joy of learning within people while empowering members of the school community to develop personal responsibility and the confidence to create the lives they want for themselves as global citizens.”

Learning the Right Way Makes a Lifelong Difference

Early childhood education is a vital part of every child's schooling. This education lays the foundation for all basic skills children need to succeed. 

It's important to choose a program that offers positive reinforcement and sincere encouragement. Otherwise, your little one may associate school with feeling angry or sad.

For the past 17 years, families have invested in a Voyagers' education because they know that the school:

  •       Fosters confidence
  •       Stimulates creativity
  •       Nurtures intellectual curiosity
  •       Instills a sense of responsibility
  •       Develops critical thinking skills
  •       Prepares students for intellectual challenges
  •       Promotes habits of mindfulness and values that endure

Don't miss the opportunity to give them the best possible start. Join and apply now!

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