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    voyagers Old Bridge Community SchoolSince children don’t all learn at the same pace, nor have the same interests or learning capacity, why do so many schools treat every child the same way? Every child is unique. At Voyagers’ Community School our educational philosophy is predicated on this fact. Children are immersed in an environment rich with learning opportunities, and guided by caring and compassionate individuals who simply love to teach. New students quickly adapt to the schedule and the unique community at Voyagers’, which features mixed age classrooms and a curriculum designed to meet both their interests and their needs. In particular, mixed age classrooms are beneficial to development of the whole child. Older children who have already mastered a subject will often mentor their younger classmates. Teaching solidifies their understanding and invokes a sense of responsibility and pride in their abilities. The younger children gain independence as they realize they can take the initiative to learn without necessarily asking their teacher for assistance. In such a learning environment, each child can learn and grow at their own pace and to their fullest potential.

    Best School in Old Bridge, NJ

    Voyagers Vision StatementChildren in the communities of Old Bridge, Matawan, Hazlet and Keyport deserve the best education possible, close to home. At Voyagers’, children have every opportunity to stretch their imaginations and expand their knowledge about subjects that interest them. Our curriculum is project based, and centered on the interests of each individual child. This child focused curriculum creates engaged students who are deeply interested in what they’re learning. We establish goals for each child based on the following criteria:

    • age
    • grade
    • current knowledge and skills
    • suggestive potential for growth

    As the year progresses, each student is regularly assessed to determine how well they’re progressing towards their goals. If necessary, changes are made, to ensure that the student reaches their highest potential. Rather than force our students into a particular “grade” based on their age, they are given the freedom to learn about what interests them. Their natural curiosity is the compass that guides their studies, as they learn at a pace that’s right for them.

    How We’re Different

    The individual interests of each student at Voyagers’ forms the core of the curriculum they study. As they’re studying topics of interest, our students remain engaged and retain the information they’ve learned better than if required to simply memorize facts and figures. We’ve derived our curriculum from a unique blend of educational methodologies, such as:

    • Reggio Emilia – project based, child led
    • Montessori Schools – child centered, play based
    • Waldorf – play based approach combined with structure & routines
    • Holistic Education – each child learns about themselves as a person. They learn how they fit into the natural world and into the community
    • Socratic Seminar Method – teaches critical thinking skills

    Serving Old Bridge and Surrounding Communities

    Voyagers’ Community School is honored to provide a quality educational experience to students and their parents living in the Old Bridge, Matawan, Hazlet and Keyport areas. The programs we offer include:

    If you’d like your child to experience the difference at Voyagers’ Community School, we’d love to talk to you. Get started today!