Monmouth Beach Community School

  • The Best Community School in Monmouth Beach, NJ

    Toddlers Playing Outdoors Eatontown Infant ProgramIf you’re looking for a school that appreciates your child’s unique talents, abilities and interests, then look no further…Voyagers’ is that school. When she attends Voyagers’ your child will be surrounded by caring, compassionate individuals who are dedicated to helping her learn and grow to the best of her ability. Our school is dedicated to the development of the whole child, not to criteria set by people who don’t know or understand your child’s needs, interests and abilities. That’s why students at Voyager’s thrive – they’re in an environment that is filled with learning experiences and challenges that inspire and encourage them to reach their highest potential.

    What We Believe About Education

    Children learn instinctively; their curiosity about the world around them feeds into their imagination and their desire to interact with others fuels their creativity. Education shouldn’t stand in the way of that process…instead, it should help it succeed. Our curriculum is designed to do just that and is fashioned after the following methodologies:

    • Play based approach combined with structure and routines (e.g. Waldorf)
    • Child centered, using play as a teacher (e.g. Montessori schools)
    • Project based curricula, based on the interests of each child (e.g. Reggio Emilia)
    • Socratic Seminar Method that challenges students to develop their critical thinking and analytic skills.
    • A holistic approach to learning wherein each child is encouraged to discover their place in the community and the natural world. This learning philosophy encourages the development of humanitarian values such as peace and compassion.

    Each day, children have the opportunity to explore and learn about a wide spectrum of topics. They’ll learn through “hands-on” experimentation and activities and by researching their interests at the library. Our popular outdoor classroom is a favorite. Students have the chance to explore the natural world around them through activities such as fishing, boating, orienteering and hiking.

    voyagers Monmouth Beach Community SchoolWhy Monmouth Beach?

    Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright and Oceanport residents understand the need for quality educational choices in their communities. We offer a quality education, with a focus on providing more than simply academics. We’re concerned with educating the whole child. Graduates leaving our facility are both self aware; understanding their own strengths and weaknesses and compassionate, with a desire to bring positive change to the world around them. We offer the following programs to children living in the Monmouth Beach, Sea Bright and Oceanport communities:

    To learn more about what Voyagers’ Community School can do for your child, or to start the registration process, feel free to reach out to us online or call us at 732-842-1660.