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    As a unique individual, your child deserves a quality education experience close to home. Voyagers’ Community School provides a quality education, in a safe, nurturing environment that’s rich with learning opportunities. Students at Voyagers’ are free to follow their natural curiosity in learning about the world around them. Using proven educational strategies, teachers help children develop critical thinking skills in their study of topics of interest. A mixed age classroom strategy offers many non-academic benefits while our popular outdoor classroom gives students the chance to learn about and understand what they observe while hiking, orienteering or fishing.

    Our Educational Philosophy With Our Middletown Community School

    Writing and Letter Recognition Middletown Community SchoolChildren…and adults as well…naturally gravitate towards things that interest them. Using this reality, our curriculum is centered around the interests, strengths and needs of each child. Rather than force children into a mold that doesn’t suit them, we mold our curriculum to suit the child. Every child is an individual and they are treated as such.  We address the needs of the whole child, not just their academics, to help them reach their highest potential. The following methodologies inspired the development of our curriculum.:

    • Waldorf – Play based approach combined with structure and routines
    • Montessori – Child centered, using play as a teacher
    • Reggio Emilia – Project based curricula, based on the interests of each child
    • Socratic Seminar Method – Challenges students to develop their critical thinking and analytic skills.
    • A holistic approach – Each child is encouraged to discover their place in the community and the natural world, encouraging the development of humanitarian values such as peace and compassion.

    What Makes Us Different

    So Much to Learn From Nature voyagers community school

    So Much to Learn From Nature

    Unlike many schools, Voyagers’ curriculum, while covering all necessary academics, is concerned with establishing a love of learning and critical thinking ability within each child. Students are offered many opportunities throughout the day to explore what interests them. They engage in both physical learning activities (e.g. science experiments) and mental academic pursuits such as learning how to conduct research at the library. Their critical thinking skills are strengthened as they attempt to make sense of the information they’ve gathered, while their pursuit of topics of interest feeds their love of learning.

    Why Middletown?

    Middletown and Lincroft residents are vitally concerned about their children’s education. At Voyagers’, we’re concerned with helping each child achieve their highest potential, which includes character building as well as academic growth. Parents play a vital role in a child’s development, so we’re thrilled to have parents involved in their children’s day to day learning activities. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in Middletown and Lincroft:

    Children attending Voyagers’ Community School are surrounded by caring and knowledgeable professionals who celebrate each child’s individuality and who simply love to teach. If you’re tired of schools that try to fit your child into the same tired mold as everyone else, Voyagers’ is the perfect choice for you and your child.

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