Kindergarten to 2nd Grade

  • Voyager’s Kindergarten to 2nd Grade Program Monmouth County

    Lower School

    K-2 – Literacy

    The children in the K-2 classes are welcomed into an environment where they are immersed in literacy on a daily basis.

    K-2 – Math

    The Voyagers’ K-2 math program is a multi-pronged approach that provides activities for a variety of different math levels and learning styles.

    K-2 – Work Time

    Work Time is designed to provide our students with an opportunity to actively engage within the school environment and to take a meaningful and self-directed role in learning. Because children are naturally curious and eager to understand their world, it is important to provide time and opportunities for them to deeply explore concepts and topics of interest to them.

    K-2 – Sign Language

    Through dynamic lessons, students will build an understanding and appreciation of American Sign Language. We will focus on developing receptive and expressive skills and using these skills to communicate with peers and others in the deaf community. Students will also better understand and appreciate deaf culture and history. There will be an opportunity for one on one and small group lessons and projects, as well as for individualized projects.

    K-2 – STEAM

    The purpose of this class is to allow students to study and understand the use of technology in several disciplines, specifically Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The focus of the class is to allow students to work in both small groups and individually to understand how technology is used in these disciplines both now and in the future.

    Pre K-5 – Reading Workshop

    In an effort to better meet the varying needs of our students, teachers of the lower team bring students in PreK through 5th grade together twice a week for reading workshop.


    Lego Construction

    This elective seeks to prompt students to discover the fun and relevance of designing with Legos. The course will be student directed; the students will investigate real cities, fictional places and structures constructed with Legos.

    Gardening and Outdoor Construction

    This course invites students to understand basic building skills for the suburban gardener. They will learn simple and practical tips for choosing the appropriate tools, materials, and designs for several garden projects


    Essentials classes offer skills and challenges

    Our Essentials Classes enables us to invite local professionals, parents, grandparents, community members, and even fellow students to teach or co-teach classes. We offer a wide variety of topics that reflect the interests of our students and offer skills and challenges that we feel are important.

    Areas of study have included arts, music, games and sports, creative writing, community service, gardening, technology, engineering and much more. 

    Stop Motion Animation

    The purpose of this weekly essential is to allow students to discover the art of stop motion. Students with prior animation experience have an opportunity to experiment with different techniques to create a finished movie. The plan of the class is for the students to learn different animation techniques and materials such as claymation, stop motion with Legos, animation using drawing, and pixilation using live people. The next step will be to create a storyboard to plan the movie and associated shot list. Following this step, the students can use iPads or cameras to capture the individual images necessary to make a movie. The final step will be adding sound and effects using the iMovie software


    Yoga is an ancient practice that can bring the physical, mental and spiritual aspects within each of us into balance. In this class, students will be invited to safely explore the physical postures of yoga to bring about a deeper awareness of themselves, and methods to bring that awareness into their daily lives

    Working for the Earth: Found Object Sculpture

    For the found object sculpture component of the Working for the Earth we will explore the ideas we have and the ways we can work with recycled materials to have our visions come to life.

    Student Work

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