Each day theories and principles of constructivism, social constructivism, and the highly regarded Reggio Emilia Approach inspire our faculty and staff. The Toddler Room, serving 24-36 months, is filled with activity. Children join in song, stories, questions, investigations, discovery, and play. They get to know one another, learn to work together, constructively resolve conflicts, and grow.

At Voyagers’, toddlers are seen as children with interests, ideas, and rights. Educators view each child as a source of inspiration and delight. Toddlers thrive in our Toddler Program.

As infants move into toddlerhood, they are more mobile and rapidly growing in their language development. Small “conversations” are taking place among the group, and they are experiencing the broader world in a whole new way.

Playing indoors and outside, with natural materials, such as sand, water, mud, leaves, wind, and light provides them with first-hand knowledge of their surroundings and how things work.

Now that they are upright and walking, they experience life from a new perspective. Imagine what a difference this makes for these little ones, as they explore and carry on their investigations! They are interpreters, inventors, and idea makers, and always on the go.

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Toddler walking outside in boots and a raincoat