The teacher is a partner, a nurturer, a guide, and a researcher. Children are offered experiences from which they can develop their own meaning through exploration and discovery. Each preschool child is seen as co-constructors of knowledge. Children are curious and capable and engage in different activities, where they observe, hypothesize, question, and clarify to create understanding. The availability of rich, real materials, along with the teacher’s gentle guidance, facilitates the children in their inquiries and investigations.


Children take part in community life activities such as:
  • Whole school recess
  • Museum days
  • Caring for the classroom
  • Watering plants
  • Tending to pets
These activities help preschool children develop practical and social skills that enable them to be capable and self-reliant alongside their classmates. Relationships are important both with other children and with adults. When children collaborate with each other and the teacher a strong emphasis is placed on respect, community, and communication, helping children build their social and emotional intellect.


Our curriculum, with a local to global reach, introduces ideas that encourage an understanding of the wider world. This helps children become global citizens. Children engage with the broader culture by exploring:
  • The outdoors with weekly visits to the F. Bliss Arboretum
  • The work of local farmers, craftsmen, and business owners
  • The music, customs, and traditions of people at home and around the world