Each day theories and principles of Constructivism and the highly regarded Reggio Emilia approach inspire our faculty and staff. 

Our Waddlers Program, for ages 12-24 months, is filled with love, joy, and unrivaled care. It is designed for infants to move, explore and discover. Natural light, thoughtfully displayed materials, and interesting manipulatives invite curiosity and promote a calm atmosphere.

Between the ages of 12 and 24 months, children enter a dynamic phase of development, marked by rapid growth in their cognitive, motor, and social-emotional abilities. They are insatiably curious about the world and explore their environment with all their senses. These little ones begin to walk, handle objects with greater precision, parallel play, and understand cause and effect, spatial relationships, and problem-solving.

Words begins to evolve. Our Waddlers start to communicate their needs, desires, and observations. They engage more meaningfully with caregivers and peers, building social connections and emotional bonds. These children transition from infancy into toddlerhood.

Do you need childcare for the summer?

We offer summer enrollment!