As in all Voyagers’ classrooms, the environment is yet another teacher that provides what children need and seek in order to continue learning. The Waddler Space offers challenges and opportunities for collaboration and connections. Children find possibilities in a variety of materials and experiences that include sensory, fine, and gross motor skills development and art, music, and nature exploration.


Our teacher/researchers watch, listen, and document each child’s ideas as they go about their daily routine. Teachers are active observers who reflect on what they learn about children’s interests. Only then do they make plans. These plans allow, within safe limits, for children to discover, create, and share.

All of our dedicated and friendly faculty and staff are trained in child development, early-childhood education, and related fields. We conduct thorough background checks, relying on local law enforcement, to ensure trustworthy and passionate staff provide the best care and education for every child. Our staff and teachers are trained and certified in first aid and CPR.


Our teachers communicate with parents about each infant’s current state of development and daily progress as he or she rapidly grows. This reporting is accomplished through the use of an online portfolio. This portfolio follows each child through each year of schooling at Voyagers’ Community School.


Our classrooms are cleaned each day with safe, non-toxic, green cleaning products.

Cleaning supplies are kept safely out of reach of children. 

​Toys are sanitized throughout the day to help prevent the spread of germs.

We help and teach children to wash their hands throughout the day by singing songs and teaching lessons about health and hygiene.

Diapering is conducted in a designated changing area.