Each day theories and principles of Constructivism and the highly regarded Reggio Emilia approach inspire our faculty and staff. 

Our Waddlers Program, for ages 12-24 months, is filled with love, joy, and unrivaled care. It is designed for infants to move, explore and discover. Natural light, thoughtfully displayed materials, and interesting manipulatives invite curiosity and promote a calm atmosphere.

Our youngest Skippers thrive because they feel secure to express their drive to learn and build their competencies while relying on teachers for nurturance and guidance. 

When infants receive care and engage in meaningful and trusting relationships with teachers the path to exploration and discovery is illuminated.

Infants, while cuddling, cooing, laughing, babbling, talking, rolling, creeping, crawling and walking, experience life from new perspectives. Imagine what a difference each milestone makes for these little ones, as they explore and carry on their investigations! They are observers, interpreters, explorers, and discoverers, and always learners.serving  ages