Holmdel Community School

  • Quality Education in Holmdel, NJ

    Is your child excited about going to school every day? Does he share with enthusiasm the things he’s learned or does he shrug when you ask him about his day? Voyagers’ Community School works hard to be the kind of school that children…and their parents…love to tell their friends about.

    An Exceptional Curriculum for Your Exceptional Child

    voyagers community schoolChildren grow in many ways; mentally, academically, socially and emotionally when they’re given the right environment and opportunities for learning. At Voyagers’, we provide that environment. Children who attend Voyagers’ become engaged learners. They’re excited about learning because they’re able to follow their own natural curiosity and learn about things that interest them. Our curriculum is comprised of a unique blend of different educational methods designed to encourage children’s interest in their own learning. Some of the progressive educational strategies we borrow include:

    • child-centered, play based learning
    • mixed-age classroom setting
    • holistic education that targets the whole child
    • project-based curriculum that’s driven by the interests of each child
    • a combination of play-based learning, routines and structure
    • socratic method of learning that encourages development of critical thinking

    A Community of Learners

    Our mixed age classroom helps children gain confidence and independence as they grow and learn in a supportive and caring environment. After becoming competent in a particular subject, older children often help their younger peers. This solidifies the topic for the student in their role as teacher, and boosts their self confidence. Younger children are inspired by what their older classmates are doing, which gives them the confidence to try new activities and learn new things. Goals are assessed for each child, based on the following factors:

    • age
    • grade
    • current knowledge and skills
    • suggestive potential for growth

    Routine assessments ensure that each child is gaining knowledge and skills and meeting the goals initially set for them.

    Why Holmdel?

    Holmdel community schoolAs parents in Holmdel, Colts Neck and Marlboro know, a quality education offers a child the best opportunity for success later in life. Parents in these communities are active in their children’s academic lives because they understand that their involvement plays a key role in their child’s learning. Your child has a place at Voyagers’, no matter where he’s at in his education journey. Voyagers’ offers the following programs to children living in lmdel, Colts Neck and Marlboro:

    If you’d like your child to experience the difference at Voyagers’ Community School, we’d love to talk to you. Contact us to get started today.