High School & College Counseling and Admissions

  • Voyagers’ High School Monmouth County

    Chemistry in Life

    This class will explore chemistry while taking a closer look at issues that are important in our daily lives. Along with learning the basics of lab chemistry, the students will apply their new knowledge in a lab setting, where they will collect data and think deeply about which choices are best for the Earth and all creatures on the Earth.

    Chemistry Lab

    This year-long class is designed to offer a more practical and hands-on aspect to the Chemistry class for High School students. The skills attained during this lab will allow students to become familiar with laboratory equipment, supplies, safety, and techniques.

    French 1

    In “Je comprends” students learn the basics of the French language in a self-driven manner. Topics and direction are determined as students progress in their studies and express interests in new subjects.

    French 2

    This class builds on the knowledge gained in French I. The emphasis continues to be on spoken French. Most directions and communication in the classroom will be delivered in French. To enhance understanding of French culture, students will complete several research projects.

    Finance and Business Math

    This class changes the way students understand personal finance and money. Students are taught how to budget, invest and make financial decisions with intent.


    This year-long class is designed to enable high school students to learn the fundamentals of Geometry through a combination of hands-on activities, group discussions, and lectures. Students will build their understanding by proving a set of precepts that can then be relied upon to prove more advanced concepts.


    What is a revolution? How is it different from other kinds of expressions of unrest and desire for change? Revolutions are perceived as periods of violent and chaotic change, wherein powerful forces both create and destroy.

    Sign Language

    Through dynamic lessons, students will build an understanding and appreciation of American Sign Language. We will focus on developing receptive and expressive skills and using these skills to communicate with peers and others in the deaf community. Students will also better understand and appreciate deaf culture and history. There will be an opportunity for one on one and small group lessons and projects, as well as for individualized projects.


    The purpose of this class is to allow students to study and understand the use of technology across several disciplines, specifically Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. The focus of the class is to allow students to work in both small groups and individually to understand how technology is used in these disciplines both now and in the future.


    Street Art

    Students in this elective will be exploring various techniques of street art. Through hands on art experiences and research students will create their own version of famous street art found in our area. Students will be able to create their own logo and name to incorporate into each of their art pieces.


    Basketball is a wonderful sport. It’s a sport of precision, a sport of control and a sport that requires a athletic and physical endurance. Let’s take the skills we learned in our last sports class and focus them in on one specific sport; basketball. We will travel to basketball gyms and learn the basic rules and regulations of playing basketball on a regulations size court.


    Eatontown High School Essential Classes
    Essentials classes offer skills and challenges

    Our Essentials Classes enables us to invite local professionals, parents, grandparents, community members, and even fellow students to teach or co-teach classes. We offer a wide variety of topics that reflect the interests of our students and offer skills and challenges that we feel are important.

    Areas of study have included arts, music, games and sports, creative writing, community service, gardening, technology, engineering and much more. 

    Machine Sewing

    In this course students will build their knowledge of the sewing machine by exploring its anatomy, learning how to operate the machine safely, and how to create basic stitches. They will then put these skills to practice as they complete small projects of choice.

    Film Critique

    In this 7-week course, students will watch and analyze two foreign films: “The 400 Blows” (in French) by Director Francois Truffaut, and “Slumdog Millionnaire” an Anglo-Indian film by Director Danny Boyle (in English).


    Now that Spring is upon us it is time to be active in the outdoors once again. Let’s run with it! Exercise is the basis for physical and emotional wellness. During this class will learn the rudiments of running as a sport and as a way of keeping fit