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June 29, 2015

The summer time is a beautiful time for outdoor adventures. There are more bugs to catch, fish jumping, birds chirping, butterflies floating and plants growing everywhere you look. Take your kids out, take your nieces and nephews out, take your friends out. Go and explore the natural world. It can be done anywhere; in a city, at the beach, in a public park, in your back-yard. Nature is all around and at this time of year, it can almost be difficult to get away from. The connections that we make with nature during the summer months can create memories that will last a lifetime and shape who we are for the rest of our lives.

The Voyager’s Outdoor Program finished the school year during a beautiful and plentiful spring season and as the Outdoor Program students set into summer mode, I am sure they will take their experiences with them to go out into the summer sun to explore, discover and learn. We are excited about our school’s move to Monmouth County. We are looking forward to another school year and we are especially excited to bring our Outdoor Program to the Monmouth County Arboretum. Located directly across the street from our school, our students of all ages will have access to ~50 acres of beautiful wildlife refuge. The park has a flowing brook for our aquatic studies, swamp and marsh areas to give us up close looks at different aquatic ecosystems, an incredible diversity of tree species which provide homes to an even greater diversity of birds and wildlife. We couldn’t be more excited about our new school building and it’s proximity to the arboretum.

For all parents and students in the Outdoor Program this year, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful year. For all prospective, new and interested students and parents, I would encourage you to read our CHIRP! page, look at our previous blog posts and go to the Voyagers’ Community School website (www.voyagerskids.com) to learn more about our school and enroll your students in our Outdoor Program today!

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