Karen Giuffre’ M.Ed.

Administrator: Chief Executive Officer
                          College Advisor

Karen, the Founder and CEO of Voyagers’ Community School, advocates for an education system that values and nurtures children, our most important community asset. She is pioneering a shift in educational paradigms by demonstrating that curiosity and dreams can drive significant change. A notable figure in the field, Karen contributes her expertise to various boards and organizations, focusing on curriculum development, non-profit operations, and educational innovation with children’s interests at heart.

Under Karen’s visionary leadership, Voyagers’ Community School has become a beacon of progressive education, merging traditional academics with cutting-edge methodologies. With a bold approach, she launched diverse programs including the Outdoor School, High School, Preschool, and Microschool. Furthermore, she developed a bespoke learning management system to deliver tailored curricula in areas such as youth esports, home-based independent learning, and career readiness and job skills. Most recently, Karen introduced SAIL, Students Achieving Independent Lives, a program for neurodivergent adults, focused on career,  social/emotional, and job skills. 

Karen’s commitment to innovation prompted her to rejuvenate an 18,000-square-foot derelict building into a dynamic educational space in 2015. Demonstrating her forward-thinking again in 2023, she strategically relocated the school to Brookdale Community College’s main campus, significantly improving access and broadening opportunities for both the faculty and students of Voyagers’.

Her relentless pursuit to create inclusive, nurturing environments that celebrate the essence of childhood and equip students with critical life skills has resulted in a remarkable achievement: a 100% college acceptance rate for her advisees. 

With degrees in Political Science, Communications, and Education, and certifications in Exercise Physiology and College Counseling, Karen has a rich background in education and leadership. She founded Voyagers’ Community School based on a progressive philosophy after a teaching and fitness and recreation career, earning recognition for her contributions to educational reform and innovation.

Karen actively promotes the importance of demanding better educational opportunities for children, advocating for environments that respect and nurture their potential. Through her work, she encourages a community-wide commitment to transformative education.

“There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique.”

~Martha Graham