Clayton Reynolds

Administrator: Director of Marketing and Communications

Co-director of Admissions

Teacher/Researcher – High School

A graduate of Voyagers’ Community School himself, Clayton has long been a beneficiary and advocate of our school’s mission to serve children. In 2018, Clayton earned his BA from Goucher College in both Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Peace Studies, graduating with the Honors Cum Laude distinction as a member of the International Scholars Honors Program. His studies focused on understanding the dynamics of power and privilege in our society and working to dismantle them, something he focused on through his work with both previously incarcerated individuals and young students in inner-city Baltimore Public Schools and the surrounding area. His time at college was marked by a drive to help others and the desire to continue this work in the field of education.

For years, Clayton has been closely involved in the professional world of educators. He has been a panelist and speaker at several educational conferences, most notably Educating for a Just, Peaceful and Sustainable Future at New York University, where he sat alongside Dr. Jane Gooddall and Dr. Arun Ghandi to discuss the impact of humane education.

As a global citizen, Clayton has traveled to over 18 countries, immersing himself in many different cultures. In the spring of 2017, Clayton spent seven months living and studying abroad at Tuscia University in Viterbo, Italy, a small, medieval town outside of Rome. He spent his time there becoming fluent in Italian, traveling across Europe, getting to know the locals, and teaching English to young Italian students at Scuola Elementare del Carmine. More recently, he teaches the high school level Humanities class at Voyagers’ where he uses the craft of reading and writing, as well as his own experiences, to underscore the importance of an expansive worldview in the classroom and elsewhere.

Through his work in Admissions and Outreach Clayton hopes to expose as many parents, students, and community members as possible to our school’s mission. He believes every child deserves the holistic, well-rounded education that Voyagers’ has to offer, and is determined to make our goals a reality, When he’s not networking or teaching, Clayton’s passions include photography, anything involving music, spending quality time with his friends and family, and quoting his favorite movies.

Ancora imparo” ~ “Still, I am learning