Here at VCS, we firmly believe that the pursuit of knowledge is a lifelong voyage, one that takes place both in the classroom, as well as out on the “high seas” of our ever evolving world. Our unrivaled program and dynamic staff provide the foundation for our #VoyagersSkippers to become adept and courageous, sure of the fact that #VoyagersCan do whatever they put their mind to.

Since its inception, Voyagers’ has maintained, and will continue to maintain, a commitment to providing an unrivaled educational experience for the entire Voyagers’ community,  teaching traditional academics in inventive, engaging, and meaningful ways.

With staff to student ratios ranging from 5:1 for our youngest skippers, and only 7:1 for our oldest scholars, our staff truly know and understand each student on a whole-child level. This understanding fosters opportunities for incredible mentorship. Staff and faculty adeptly guide each student, encouraging them to chase new experiences and to rise to meet additional challenges (such as mentoring our 8th grade robotics team), while reminding them that life begins outside their comfort zone. This allows Voyagers’ students to not only apply their learning across all disciplines but more importantly to embrace the natural joy of learning, all while driven by a desire to attain excellence through personal responsibility. This endows Voyagers’ graduates with the confidence to create the lives they want for themselves as global citizens.

As a staff, we are continuously exploring new teaching methods, always with our students in mind. This ensures our curriculum is future-facing and dynamic. Building upon that future-facing approach is our commitment to growth and sustainability. At Voyagers’, we consider the teacher as an expert in their field, yes, but moreover, as a  student. Therefore, the student is also viewed as a teacher.

At Voyagers’, we believe wholeheartedly that the acquisition of knowledge is not limited by individual imagination but is bolstered by the power and richness of thinking and sharing.

At Voyagers’, we have seen knowledge grow from relationships of trust, fairness, and regard for others. Through an intellectual exchange, staff and students teach each other and learn with each other. Thus, one is never “done” learning. As such, we will continue to invest in our staff, our students, and our mission, through the hiring, developing, and retaining of talented staff and faculty members to best support students and families.

All of this makes Voyagers’ a truly one of a kind learning community. We are so glad you are here to join us. Come see the rest of our community below.