FAQS - Tuition Assistance

Yes, we offer scholarships and financial aid. We are committed to making our school accessible and affordable to families from a broad range of economic circumstances. Our tuition approach enables families to receive an enrollment contract and tuition rate based on their financial situation. While we expect all families to contribute to the cost of our school, we also know many Voyagers’ families will receive some financial support to bridges a gap that often seems too wide. If financial concerns are the barrier to admission, we encourage you to apply for tuition assistance. Learn more.

No, the application for tuition assistance is not required for admissions consideration. However, if you do not complete the application you will be asked to pay full tuition.

Non-custodial parents must also complete the application for Tuition Assistance. Both parents retain the obligation to contribute to the education of their children regardless of any divorce or agreements stating otherwise. Each parent’s responsibility to pay tuition is determined by a family’s ability to meet educational expenses. Each parent’s data will be combined to determine tuition. Information provided by each parent will remain confidential throughout the process. If one parent decides to forego submission of the Tuition Application that parent will be deemed able to pay full tuition and may pay a greater share than the other parent.

Tuition levels will be indicated in conversation, a letter offering admission, and on your enrollment contract, which is sent out electronically after a student is admitted.

Determination of tuition is a separate function from the admission process and will not affect your child’s likelihood of being accepted at Voyagers’ Community School.

Each student’s financial need is calculated annually, therefore families are required to complete and submit an application for Tuition Assistance and submit all required financial information each year.

Once the admission process has been completed and the second child is accepted, the family’s financial circumstances will be renewed. FACTS will determine to what extent further tuition assistances is indicated.

Voyagers’ expects honesty from all of its families. If an individual is contributing to a child’s education at Voyagers’ this must be reported on your FACTS application or, if it is received after tuition has been determined, the school must be notified. A tuition adjustment may apply in some cases.

Families, who receive Tuition Assistance contracts and have a positive change of financial status, are encouraged to make a contribution to the school.

You should write a letter to the Board of Directors requesting Tuition Assistance consideration or reconsideration.

Families, who receive Tuition Assistance at a level they do not believe is sustainable, should contact the school directly and request a review of their application.  All requests for review must be in writing and specifically state the financial reasons behind the request.  In these cases, there may be a request for additional documents. When everything is submitted, an assistance adjustment or Scholarship will be considered.

Voyagers’ works to treat all families equal.  When there are no pre-school age children or a child or adult needing daily care in the home, we assume that both parents are employable.  If one parent chooses not to work, we will assign income based on the equivalent of full tuition to that parent for purposes of calculating the family’s estimated tuition contribution.

The Board of Directors meets to set the annual tuition at their annual December or January meeting.