Does Voyagers’ offer financial aid?
Is Voyagers’ Community School a good choice for my child?
How do I apply for admission?
Why use an emergent, hands-on, project based curriculum?
How is Voyagers’ different from other schools?
What are the benefits of a multi-age classroom?
How does the NAPLES Act provide tuition funding for those enrolled in the Individual Education Services Program at Voyagers’ Community School?
Districts get reimbursement for special education placement by the state. Is the reimbursement different for approved schools vs. Naples placements?
Is there any reason why a school district should be reluctant to use a Naples placement for a disabled student?
What exactly is the Naples Amendment and when should it be used?
Is the education curriculum different in a Naples placement school such as Voyagers’ from those in an approved school?
What makes a private school eligible to accept Naples placement?
Do I have to spend more time completing the paperwork to send a student to Voyagers’ than to an approved school?