Essentials – Yoga

Monmouth County Private School – Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that can bring the physical, mental and spiritual aspects within each of us into balance. In this class, students will be invited to safely explore the physical postures of yoga to bring about a deeper awareness of themselves, and methods to bring that awareness into their daily lives.

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Life Balance…


By focusing our attention on exactly what sensations are present in our bodies as we move, breathe and explore stillness, we can start a process of new awareness, new discovery when we are going about our daily lives. Students will be challenged to inquire into that new awareness both on and off the mat.


Students will:

  • explore how to safely come in and out of yoga postures.
  • practice breathing techniques designed to both energize and relax the mind and body.
  • participate in gentle partner yoga to build trust and cooperation and develop special community (sangha).
  • develop conscious communication to understand and develop deep listening skills.
  • learn relaxation and meditation techniques that can be used anywhere, and when they might need to use them.


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Exploring postures, breathing, and meditation

The students in the Spring Sessions of the class continue to explore yoga postures, breathing, and meditation. We use a yoga card game provided by one of our students to practice holding postures and to focus everyone’s attention on the posture being presented. This is very successful in bringing all the students, no matter their level of engagement, attention or skill level to participate fully in our class. We continue to explore games and group activities that engage our younger students, as well as continue making yogic philosophy and asana practice part of our learning to keep our older students interested and engaged.

We also explore the idea of “self” and how that applies to our classmates with respect to our own practice; how we have only our own actions to be responsible for, how we keep our focus on our own mat and on our own experience. Through this, the students learn to live with distraction, disruption, and stress.


Students in Yoga Essential vary in age and attention level. We use interactive practices such as games and partner yoga to keep more active students participating and incorporate yoga philosophy into the physical practice so that students looking for a deeper experience are also served. We explore meditation and long relaxation with essential oil massage. The students really enjoy the essential oil massage at the end of our relaxations!

TEACHER: Jane Kleiman