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Upcycled Clothing and Crafts Class Eatontown

Trash to treasure

Do you have a drawer full old t-shirts or jeans you’ve outgrown and would like to learn how to either freshen them up or turn them into something completely different?  Have you ever wondered how to make wallets or bags out of duct tape?   

In this class, we will introduce a selection of projects that can turn your old trash into new treasures. Have a better idea?  Feel free to come with your old clothing and individual ideas.

We will also be coming to our community to see what they have to offer so that we can ensure the mission of the class to actually put our ideology into practice and that the course will truly use items that might normally go to the landfill.


This course is the third part in a continuing Sewing Essential.  It is intended to give students the opportunity to continue utilizing their developing sewing skills in a new environment.  Students will be given the opportunity to research and design their own repurposed clothing or craft project.   Students will be offered the choice of working with either duct tape or recycled clothing items.

Students will…

Repurposing clothing Eatontown NJ

Repurposing clothing

  • Be introduced to a variety of ideas for repurposing t-shirts, mismatched socks, or outgrown clothing.
  • Be introduced to the many uses of duct tape.
  • Research and design an individual repurposing project
  • Work with teachers to gather necessary materials for projects
  • Complete an individual repurposing project
  • Introduce homemade, handmade rather than purchased
  • Mindfulness to a new kind of recycling
  • Introducing the ecological implications of using recycling, repurposing and upcycling items


We began this Essential by mapping out the course. Students shared their ideas for the repurposing of old t-shirts and outgrown clothing. Some of the students spoke about recycling just the labels from clothing into projects such as wallets and belts. Additionally, some students shared their experiences making duct tape bags and other duct tape crafts. Several students spoke about their desire to create original plush toys of “stuffies” from recycled clothing. Finally, students began researching potential ideas for individual projects and deciding which items we might post on Bloomz for a call to the community.



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