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Discovering the art of stop motion voyagers community school

Discovering the art of stop motion

The purpose of this weekly essential is to allow students to discover the art of stop-motion animation. Students with prior animation experience have an opportunity to experiment with different techniques to create a finished movie. The plan of the class is for the students to learn different animation techniques and materials such as claymation, stop motion with Legos, animation using drawing, and pixilation using live people. The next step will be to create a storyboard to plan the movie and associated shot list. Following this step, the students can use iPads or cameras to capture the individual images necessary to make a movie. The final step will be adding sound and effects using the iMovie software.

The students will…

  • learn stop motion techniques.
  • plan a movie using storyboards.
  • shoot scenes from the movie using an iPad or camera.
  • edit his or her movie using iMovie software.
  • share the resulting movie with the rest of the class.


Stop Motion Animation

Movie sets

The class started with an overview of the different kinds of stop motion animation. The class reviewed samples of different techniques and some shared movies they had made previously. Most of the students attending the class had prior stop motion experience. After learning about what was possible, the students spent several classes and some time at home generating ideas and creating storyboards to better understand the photos required to tell the story.

Once the storyboards were completed, students began shooting. Members of class tended to work together in groups of two, with one person manipulating the objects and the other taking photos. Most of the students were only able to reach this step during the eight-week class. Some of the students with shorter movies were able to generate short movies with the footage by using the iMovie software on desktop computers.

The students learned…

  • stop motion techniques.
  • to plan a movie using storyboards.
  • to shoot scenes from the movie using an iPad or camera.
  • to edit his or her movie using iMovie software.


Overall, many of the goals of the class came to fruition. Unfortunately, working only 45 minutes each week was not enough time to plan and create a stop motion animation. Many of the movies are unfinished but the students expressed interest in finishing their work during free time during the school day.


  • Rich Knab
  • Matt Johnson