Essentials – Running

Monmouth County Private School – Running

Now that Spring is upon us it is time take our exercise out of doors once again. Let’s run with it! Exercise is the basis for physical and emotional wellness. During this class, students will learn the rudiments of running as a sport and as a way of keeping fit. Students will explore how this sport is an innate form of exercise and will build the strategies necessary to compete in a healthy way.  They will practice drills and develop a good spirit of competition.  Students will also try different forms of stretching and exercise to enhance their ability to run in a safe and fun way.


Running Class Eatontown NJ

Run in a safe and fun way

Keeping fit helps people to live our lives in a less stressful way.  Running not only helps individuals keep fit physically, but it also helps to calm emotions. It enables people to focus more deeply in other parts of their lives including in their studies. Keeping physically fit helps the immune system and maintains good health. Students will run at the school in groups and as a team.  

The students will understand:

  • the benefits of running.
  • strategies for healthy competition.
  • ways to strengthen our bodies with injury free workouts.
  • how to make running fun.
  • how to work as a team and good sportsmanship.


  • Deb McNish
  • Lucas Kelly