Preschool: Pre K-5 – Reading Workshop

Monmouth County Private School: Pre K-5 Reading Workshop

In an effort to better meet the varying needs of our students, teachers of the lower team bring students for our Pre K-5 reading workshop twice a week. This allows lower school teachers to work in conjunction with one another and to better meet the needs of all students.

Each element of the reading workshop (Focus Units, Book Studies, Guided Reading, Word Study, Sight Words, Independent/Buddy Reading/listening to audiobook) is  introduced consecutively, with the goal of creating a workshop model where students work in a varying configurations: independently, with a partner, or in a small cooperative groups.  These learning situations are student-directed, teacher facilitated, or teacher directed.


The students will:
reading and writing voyagers community school 3 to 5

Writing skills allow creative expression

  • Continually read self-selected titles during their Independent Reading Time.
  • Complete personalized weekly word study activities to build fluency, spelling, and vocabulary.
  • Use verbalization and visualization skills to build sight word recognition and memory of conventional spellings.
  • Participate in focus units to study literature genres and story elements.
  • Participate in literature study units to discuss and analyze books.
  • Practice reading out loud to build fluency and word flow.