Electives – Street Art

Monmouth County Private School – Street Art Elective

Street art in Eatontown NJ

Street art in Germany

Students in this elective will be exploring various techniques of street-art. Through hands-on art experiences and research, students will create their own version of famous street-art found in our area. Students will be able to create their own logo and name to incorporate into each of their art pieces.


This class was created for students to express their individual creativity while focusing on a specific area of art. Students will use their pre-existing knowledge of art and new knowledge to develop an appreciation of a variety of urban art techniques and try their hand at creating street-art.

Students will…

  • Become familiar with the techniques used in street art
  • Create their own logo and name which they will use throughout their work in this class
  • Develop an appreciation for street-art
  • Define and express their own flair in their art

TEACHER: Emma Nuneviller