Electives – Stage Makeup

Monmouth County Private School – Stage Makeup Elective

Explore the world of stage makeup. Students in this class will begin by learning about the different materials used in creating special effects on stage and in film. They will then learn techniques and apply stage make up to create various personas.

Stage Makeup Eatontown NJ

Learning to apply stage makeup


The purpose of this course is to give students the opportunity to explore the different materials and methods of stage make-up in order to extend their knowledge and skills in this area.

Students will…

  • Be introduced to the materials used in stage makeup.
  • Learn and apply his/her/her own standard stage makeup
  • Learn and apply his/her own old age makeup
  • Design and apply makeup for one of the following: original character, a character from dramatic literature, or design and apply makeup for fantasy.


We kicked off the stage makeup class by mapping student interests and planning our course of study.  Students then worked in groups to research and prepare a short presentation of the uses of selected special effects and stage make-up materials.  

TEACHER: Christi Sandbach