Electives – Cross Country

Monmouth County Private School – Cross Country Elective

Cross Country Class Eatontown NJ

Running through trails and paths

TThe F. Bliss Price Arboretum is one of Eatontown’s hidden gems. In this class, we will use this natural resource and preserve to our advantage in multiple ways. We will get outside and enjoy immersing ourselves in nature while being active and building physical fitness through cross country. In this class, we will jog over to the Arboretum and run through the trails and paths to develop our running skills. Students in this class have an opportunity to become regular runners in a fun and exciting way.




Students will…

  • Practice proper running techniques.
  • Learn how to keep pace by jogging, sprinting and running at speeds in between.
  • Develop proper stretching techniques.
  • Time themselves on both a short course and a long course and try to increase their speed on both courses.
  • Run to develop stamina in an outdoor environment.
  • Practice sportsmanship and learn to work as a team.
  • Make a connection between fun, fitness and nature.

TEACHER: Lucas Kelly