Essentials – Disc Golf

Monmouth County Private School – Disc Golf Class

Disc Golf is a sport that is very similar to regular golf with a twist. Rather than hitting a ball with a club into a hole, players in disc golf see how many throws it takes to make a frisbee disc land in a target. Members of this class will learn the rules of disc golf and practice throwing discs for both accuracy and distance. This is an outdoor activity that will take place in the front yard as well as the arboretum. By the end of the session, we may go over to the disc golf course at Wolf Hill Recreation Area, which is 5 minutes down the road.

Disc Golf in Eatontown NJ

Good sportsmanship


The purpose of this essentials course is to introduce students to a sport which combines eye-hand coordination with risk/reward strategy. The goal of this five-week course is to allow the students to get outside and enjoy the spring weather while playing a game and getting exercise. Some of the topics covered will be different types of throws as well as tilting discs to change the flight characteristics. Since disc golf is an individual activity each student will be encouraged to be competitive while maintaining respect for other players. Good sportsmanship and competing against the course will be demonstrated and expected.

The students will…

  • learn the rules of disc golf.
  • hone their throwing technique through practice.
  • learn how the score is kept.
  • practice playing disc golf by bringing goals to the arboretum across the street for each class.
  • maintain a positive attitude toward competition.
  • learn to analyze each hole and make decisions about strategy.


On the first day of class, the students were made aware of the dangers of getting hit by a disc, as well as the general rules of the game. Then the students moved outside to the front yard to get a feel for how to hold and throw the discs. Students experimented with the flight paths of the various types of discs and looked forward to playing in the arboretum.


  • Rich Knab
  • Sandy Miller