Essentials – Cheerleading

Monmouth County Private School – Cheerleading Class

Cheerleading consists of an enthusiastic, dynamic, fun, hardworking group of young men and women who commit time to the overall success of their team. Dancing is moving rhythmically to music, moving quickly, and in a lively manner. During this class, students will come to know themselves better kinesthetically and be challenged to work together as a team.


Stretching in Cheerleading in Eatontown NJ

Properly stretch your body

By working together as a cohesive group, the students will learn how to properly stretch their bodies to avoid injuries, practice gymnastic abilities safely with spotting, and learn about different cheerleading stunts and different dances. The students will also learn how to be a group leader while acting respectfully towards other team members, as well as how to trust each other as a team member.

Students will:

  • Work cooperatively.
  • Learn safe and energizing ways to engage their bodies.
  • Lead the group through lessons.
  • Follow direction from peers.
  • Challenge themselves physically and emotionally when confronted with new activities.


Cheerleading Class Eatontown NJThe students began each session by joining in a circle to stretch.  Stretching has the purpose of helping to avoid injuries during cheer and or dance. They took turns each week leading the group through these stretches; this helped students learn how to be an effective leader in a group setting. We introduced some simple gymnastic skills after group stretch. For this, the students lined up in front of the mats and the teacher spotted them as they practiced previously learned skills or tried out new skills that they felt comfortable with.

Following gymnastics each week, we worked together to learn beginner level cheerleading stunts. The students broke up into groups of four in order to conduct safe stunts that engaged the necessary group skills for this sport.

To end the sessions we danced together to different types of music that the students agreed upon. They were encouraged to bring their own skills and talents to class in order to inspire classmates, each in his or her own unique way.


Overall, the students learned new skills in the areas of cheerleading, dance, and some gymnastics. They particularly enjoyed the dancing portion of the course and did an excellent job with participating and encouraging their peers. Some students displayed a natural talent for cheer and dance while others had to try a little harder. Generally speaking, the entire class exhibited great teamwork skills and respect for each other.

TEACHER: Paige Gregorio